The Art of Anal Intercourse
(or fucking ass)

The "Art of Anal Intercourse" is a nice way of saying "How to Fuck". This is an excerpt from a message between two BBS users "BUTT" and "JOEY." This is presented not as a pornographic episode, but to really help those new to the gay scene.

What am I supposed to do when I'm in bed with someone, the mood is set, and I'm going to fuck him, and gently start relaxing him, maybe playing with his anus gently to get it relaxed, a little massage, a little lube, and he goes into the "I can't get fucked, omigod, what are are you trying to do, let me out of here, look at the size of that thing, you'll hurt me with that thing, it's too big you must be joking" routine....There must be something I am missing...

Yes, you are missing something. It's called persistence. I usually find that people who enjoy anal stimulation really want to get fucked. Some are just shy or have a masculinity problem. Be a little persistent but nice about it. Talk to them about it. Let them know that you will not hurt them and ask if you can just try. Say you'll stop if it hurts. Once past that hurdle make sure you go real super slow. Insert your finger to get them loosened up. Try a thumb too. One important thing to remember is to play with their dick while you are playing with their anus. When you start to put it in, make sure you are beating themoff a bit. It is important that they be very hot and excited.

Put it at the hole and wiggle it around. Then try pushing a little. Let it go in a little and then take it out a bit. Let them get used to the feel of it. You can tell them to push out like they are taking a crap while you are pushing in. Use plenty of lube. If it isn't going in well, apply more lube. Ease it in very slowly. It is important not to let them say it hurts. After it is in three fourths of the way, start pulling out slowly. Start back and forth motion slowly. Keep beating their dick. Increase the speed as they begin to like it. If they say it is starting to hurt, stop a little or pull it out and apply more lube.

Please remember to follow the guidelines for Safer Sex.

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